Urban Hippy All Natural Vegan Skincare

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    urban hippy, all natural, vegan, skincare, las vegas blogger, las vegas beauty bloggerWhat’s better than shopping local? When the products are all natural! Urban Hippy is an all natural vegan skincare line that is made here locally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Urban Hippy was recently launched in August, but Bryana has been making skin potions and concoctions since she was a kid. Women in her family would flock to her mother’s kitchen for remedies that were made from household ingredients. Bryana created Urban Hippy inspired by her mother’s philosophy. “If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your face!”

    All of Urban Hippy’s products are 100% all natural, vegan and made with pure organic ingredients. Bryana was so generous to let me try out some of her products!

    I ran out of hair oil, so I grabbed Urban Hippy’s Fabulous Oil. It’s indented to be used as a skincare product on the face, but since I ran out of hair oil I put a dime-sized amount to the ends of my hair. Oh my gosh, you guys! It made my hair feel so silky smooth! The ingredients include avocado oil, evening primrose, pure rose oil and grapefruit oil. If you use it on your skin (like it’s intended for) the oil provides the right amount of hydration without leaving the skin oily.

    The exfoliating cleansing grains is a scrub that is powerful enough to clean your pores and rub off dead skin cells, yet gentle enough not to leave your skin irritated.

    The antioxidant radiance mask is made with French green clay to pull out toxins from under your skin. It also contains organic lavender that calms and soothes your skin. You mix equal parts water and mask together to form a paste. You can also try mixing with apple cider vinegar, honey or yogurt! If you are looking for a mask that really cleans your skin, this one is it!

    Lastly, the replenishing day/night cream is a multi-purpose moisturizer. It’s packed with shea butter, soothing coconut oil, restoring rose oil, replenishing jojoba oil and evening primrose oil. This worked perfect on my dry skin. It hydrated my skin throughout the day without feeling overly oily.

    If you’re looking for an all natural, vegan skincare line, I highly suggest purchasing from Urban Hippy! Plus, a portion of proceeds benefit The Shade Tree! How amazing is that?!





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