Best Lotions For Dry Skin

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    best lotions for dry skin, aquation, skin care, lotions for dry skin, target lotions, fragrance free lotionsbest lotions for dry skin, aquation, skin care, lotions for dry skin, target lotionsI am always on the hunt for the best lotions for dry skin. When you have eczema, live in a desert with dry, hot weather, you need a good lotion to keep your skin hydrated and soft. I tend to use creams over lotions because creams are a little heavier. However, the creams I’ve tried have been too oily. Finding the best lotions for dry skin has been a struggle. Luckily, I have been using a new moisturizing cream powered by Hydro balance.

    Aquation‘s dual phase technology delivers hydration and creates an invisible barrier to help prevent moisture loss while encapsulated actives penetrate deeply for long-lasting hydration. The cream also contains three main ingredients that will help prevent water loss from the skin.

    Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids that make up your skin’s surface. They keep skin youthful and supple by reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier that protects against moisture loss. When ceramide levels are low, the result is dry, dull skin. Aquation utilizes three ceramides to maintain skin’s protective barrier for a naturally healthy and hydrated look.

    Hyaluronic Acid (sodium hyaluronate) is a powerful humectant found in the outer layers of the skin. As we age our levels decline, leading to increased dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. Aquation is enriched with hyaluronic acid to help restore skin’s natural water balance for increased hydration, suppleness and a youthful appearance.

    Marine Algae (laminaria digitata extract) is an encapsulated active that allows for controlled release of moisture once inside the skin’s deeper layers, while jojoba esters and glycerin provide moisturization and help prevent moisture loss from the skin’s surface. The result is intense, long-lasting hydration for softer, smoother skin!

    Aquation also carries cleansers, moisturizers and lotions. All Aquation products are clinically proven to be non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog pores or cause acne!



    Beauty Bloggers I Love

    Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good week! I wanted to start the week off by showcasing some beauty bloggers I love.

    1. Beauty Products Are My Cardio – My friend, Vanessa recently launched her blog! Her Instagram and blog feature all kinds of beauty products from high-end to fab finds $10 or less.  2. Paula of Thirteen Thoughts not only has a beautiful Instagram filled with beauty flat lays, but her blog features topics on photography and blogging tips. las vegas beauty blogger, beauty blogger, beauty bloggers i love3. Jen of My Beauty Bunny brings you the latest cruelty-free beauty products on her Instagram and beauty bunny, beauty blogger



    We’re Buying a Home!


    Matt and I currently stay at our parents’ homes back and forth and after two years it’s getting really old. Matt pretty much lived with me when my sister and our friend rented a condobut, I decided to complete college without worrying about rent, so I moved back in with my parents.

    Now that we are both graduated and have full-time jobs, we want to get a place together. We weren’t sure if we wanted to rent or buy and have gone back and forth so many times. After a much long discussion, we’re buying a home! It’s a great time to purchase since interest rates are so low, we have money saved and are ready for the next step in our lives. We are already pre-approved and already have list of homes we want to see!

    I’m going to start a new series, The Girl From Vegas Home as well as a Home category on my blog! Depending on the house we close on, we might have to remodel… so, I’m pinning daily on Pinterest (follow me!) for some home decor inspiration. If you know of good home decor, architecture accounts comment below!

    I can’t believe we’re buying a home! I’ll finish this post with some home decor inspiration all via Pinterest.

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