Breathtaking Views at Skyspace

When I was coming up with my blog’s name it literally took me 20 minutes to brainstorm.

I am The Girl From Vegas. The girl that was born and raised in Las Vegas. Graduated from University of Nevada Las Vegas. Landed her dream job in Las Vegas.

My blog’s name means so much to me. I love my city.

Not only is it the entertainment Capitol of the the world, but there are thousands of other things to do here.

The Las Vegas community has come together since the horrific shooting on October 1st. Regardless if you were at the festival, knew someone who attended or didn’t attend, it’s affected the community in some way. With that, everyone copes in different ways.

I found a last minute and affordable flight to LA to visit my best friend. I’ve been planning to visit her, but it was meant to be that the flight was so affordable. Maybe it was the incident that made me buy the ticket, because life’s too short not to visit the people you love, right? I don’t know, but visiting her lifted my spirit.

We visited Skyspace in Downtown Los Angeles. It has the most breathtaking views of the entire city. All I could think of was my city and how proud I was of my city. Life’s too short not to visit your family and friends and tell them how much they mean to you.


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    Love this babe! Great post!

    xxoxo Christie

    October 10, 2017 at 10:45 am
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