LURK Fragrances

Inspired by a long-time passion for sustainable living, eco beauty & the power of essential oils, LURK Fragrances were created to develop luxury perfumes for the modern organic lifestyle.

LURK fragrances were developed by perfumer, interior designer and creative director, Anne Nelson Sanford. Her vision was to create luxury perfumes made from 100% pure essential oils that contained no additives, synthetics, compounds, fixatives, preservatives, GMO’s, phthalates, or parabens.

LURK FragrancesThe proprietary blend is made with 100% pure essential oils, resins, absolutes and co2 extracts infused in certified organic jojoba and pure organic alcohol. Each bottle is proudly hand-poured and blended in small batches by Anne herself. LURK fragrances are held to the highest eco-standards including recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging. LURK FragrancesThese unisex and wood-based perfumes will take over your senses, as one drop absorbs beautifully into the skin. If you can’t get enough of the scent, the 1/8 oz. glass bottles fit perfectly in a purse or messenger bag. DSC01675AS01 – Crisp yet gentle, this fragrance intertwines resinous Cedar with creamy, carnal Tuberose and Rose. Reminiscent of walking into a bast forest, this weaves fresh green florals into dry woods with hint of spice for subtle, woodsy and distinctive scent. LURK FragrancesBS003 – Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet, slightly spicy Bergamot to create an effervescent yet balanced fragrance. This perfume oil was inspired by fresh farm fields and the expansive ocean beaches of the Hamptons.LURK fragrancesPRM016 – Sensual, woody Oudh meets lush florals and sweet Myrrh in this androgynous meditative blend. The rare and exquisite nature of Oudh essential oil makes this elixir extremely special and is the masculine counterpoint to OM011LURK fragrancesLURK offers individual samples of each of their fragrances. Better yet, LURK offers a sample pack containing all ten of their highly curated and luxury perfumes.

Purchase LURK fragrances by visiting Perfume oils range from $55-$65.


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