My Silkriller Skincare Routine

Silkriller is a luxury skin care line that is spun from 100% locally produced and manufactured Japanese silk. Their products provide necessary protein nutrition that is rapidly absorbed and penetrates deep into the skin’s layers without any residuals.

My skin is at the stage where I want to continue to hydrate and nourish my skin, but also prevent wrinkles. Silkriller’s skincare products target each of these solutions. The product’s ingredients include silk fibroin, coconut oil, aloe vera leaf, cocoa butter, grapefruit peel oil, olive fruit oil, shea nut oil, avocado oil, and rice bran oil.

The main ingredient silk fibroin, is hidden inside the silk fibers. Fibroin is the silk’s protein rich core, which contains 18 different amino acids that not only repairs skin cells, but also assists in skin cell regeneration: restoring skin to its natural beauty and youthful glow. Did you know natural silk was applied to fight bacteria, infectious skin diseases and reduce dark spots?
Silkriller facial foam

  1. Silkriller Facial Foam– It’s a cleanser and makeup remover that gently washes away makeup and residue while hydrating your skin. My face literally felt silky smooth and hydrated. I also noticed my skin tone looked brighter. Silkriller lotion2. Silkriller Lotion– At first I was confused as to why there were two lotions in the routine. But, this is not your typical face lotion. It’s a water-based, cream-free lotion that serves as the first step to fully revitalize your skin. I put this on after cleansing my face in a patting motion to ensure it got absorbed into my skin. Be sure to shake the bottle lightly prior to putting in on your face and do not use a cotton ball to apply.Silkriller 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel3. Silkriller 3D Silver Pure Rich Gel– This gorgeous pink bottle is your solution for younger looking skin. Not only did I massage the gel all over my face, I patted a little extra under my eyes since I have bags and small wrinkles. This gel left my skin feeling tight and firm. Silkriller moisture cream4. Silkriller Moister Cream– The last step in the Silkriller skincare routine is the moisture cream. Although the cream is labeled a “deep moisturizing cream” it doesn’t leave your skin super oily.

The verdict: I was really impressed on how my skin felt after using each product. My skin felt smooth, bright and firm just after the first use. The whole skincare line is hypoallergenic and cruelty-free which is a huge plus in my book! What makes Silkriller so unique from other skin care products is the silk fibroin that contains powerful amino acids. Lastly, Silkriller is suited and safe to use for all skin types!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Until next time… xoxo!

Photos by Nick Ambe


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